Middletown Middle / Chapter Four – The Giant Well. (Updated 7

AI is wild.  I made a snippet of a book using my favorite narrator Will Patten’s AI voice to test the story’s cadence.  I removed most of the story but just left in a snippet I made using some AI tools.  Listen here and read  below. The Giant Well August 1863 The hot Kansas wind…

Middletown Middle: The Girls Who Never Left

“All the best times in my life happen at camp,” ten-year-old Sally declares, hugging her bunkmate on the first day of camp. They hadn’t seen each other since the previous summer, but they pick up right where they left off. “It’s because the rules are different here,” Nancy, Sally’s bunkmate, remarks as she finds a…

Driving with Whales and Zeppelins

Driving with Whales and Zeppelins Boring.  That was how eight-year-old Louis Butler describes visiting Grandpa Charlie’s cottage on the isle of Jersey. The man did not have Nintendo or Cable TV. His telly was an old piece of furniture with plants and books atop it. Visits always consisted of sitting around drinking tea in the…

Middletown Middle / Chapter Two – Unktomi

Amidst the idyllic small town of Middletown, twins Jenny and Jason Greenwood stumble upon a perplexing mystery. When their school photos reveal bizarre alterations and a lurking danger in the form of a giant spider named Unktomi, their lives take a thrilling turn. With the town’s children becoming the unexpected guardians, they must balance their everyday routines with the responsibility of keeping Unktomi fed and content to prevent a prophecy of destruction. Join Jenny and Jason on a captivating journey filled with eerie school photos, Thanksgiving offerings, and the constant vigilance for Unktomi’s presence. Discover how these young heroes navigate the peculiar and embrace their roles as protectors in a town where a giant spider is just another part of daily life.

Gross Potions – Available on Kindle Today

I had two resolutions for 2019. The first was to develop a dessert that would be the winter equivalent of ice cream.  Three weeks left in the month, and the warm mousse cone pops are still stuck in R&D. The second resolution, publish a book, check.  I focused more on publishing than desserts and discovered….

Get Lost in Vermont – The Shelburne Tunnel

While working on a new development site in Vermont, Ed stumbled upon a hidden tunnel that had been built by the wealthy Webb family in the 1930s or 1940s. Despite rumors of its existence, the Shelburne Tunnel remains a mysterious and enigmatic place, its secrets carefully guarded and hidden from the world.