Daylight Bleeds

I wrote this script almost twenty years ago. It chronicles an experiment on a man convicted of murder. His memory is erased, replaced with a new narrative and he’s released back into the public. I like the idea of rehabilitation but I’m sure I’d do everything differently now but enjoyed re-reading.

The screenplay “Daylight Bleeds”begins with a crime scene in a blood-soaked mobile home. A detective and a young cop investigate the gruesome scene, finding a body and clues pointing to a monstrous killer. The detective expresses disgust and leaves to find the suspect.

In another scene, a conversation takes place between Officer Rossi and a suspect named John Doe, who is covered in blood. John taunts Rossi, making inappropriate comments about her appearance. They engage in a tense exchange about men and women.

The story then shifts to an auditorium where a panel of doctors discusses a controversial article advocating for stripping criminals of their memories. A student questions the ethics of this approach, leading to a tense confrontation with Dr. Bryant, the author of the article.

The narrative transitions to Marina Del Rey, where John wakes up on a park bench with no memory of who he is. He finds a suitcase with clothes and a map of New York City. John discovers a beaten Camaro with New York license plates and drives off.

As John explores his surroundings, he encounters strange voices and visions, hinting at his involvement in dark deeds. He also has a run-in with Sheriff Ike Turnstill in the desert, resulting in a confrontation and John fleeing the scene.

John eventually arrives at Mabel’s, a small café, seeking refuge and a meal. Mabel, the owner, mentions her husband, Sheriff Ike. John appears surprised by the connection but proceeds with ordering chili.

Overall, the screenplay introduces a mysterious protagonist, John Doe, who is caught up in a series of violent events while grappling with his lost memories and an unknown past.

Daylight Bleeds (PDF)

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