The Hidden Netflix Links all Parents Need

Netflix Hidden Kid Categories

Netflix Hidden Kid Categories:   

(Quick note:  You can’t be logged in under a kid’s only account to get this to work)

Netflix is tough to navigate and nearly impossible with two kids breathing down your neck with vastly different tastes. Fortunately, there’s help. Netflix divides its library into some 70,000 subcategories including many for kids.

If you are like us and have discovered finding titles is increasingly difficult this is exactly what you’ve been looking for to save time, find the right show to keep the kids happy, while you can take a nap or something. 

Here are some of the best codes for child programing. It should save you a lot of time and find things you didn’t even know you were looking for.

Best of all the links all get continually updated as titles come and go.  

Again Note:  The links won’t work if you’re logged in under a kids account. If you don’t want to blow up your recommendations forever create a profile just for this.

Kids TV

Kids Music

Family Features

Shows based on Children’s book.




Movies for 0 to 2

Movies 2 to 4

Movies 5 to 7

Movies for ages 8 to 10

Movies for ages 11 to 12

Animal Tales

Classic Comedies

Classic Musicals

Disney Musicals

Science & Nature TV  (Some adult subject matter)

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