Get Lost in Vermont – The House with Mirrored Windows

The fifth of fifty possibly fictional places to visit in Vermont you won’t find in any travel guide. These are the places the locals keep to themselves and if you go, you’ll soon learn why.

The House with Mirrored Windows

There’s an old Victorian house just west of Ludlow that once belonged in a Norman Rockwell painting. It’s a large red house, newly painted with a white picket fence surrounding a landscaped yard. That’s what it looks like in the old sales pictures, but the old house looks far different today.

The home’s new owners moved in four years ago in the middle of the summer. By the first frost, the grass was waist high.  That’s was not the biggest change. One week after the family, although no one can say it’s a family, moved in all the windows were replaced with mirrors. So any looking at the house sees a reflection of themselves.

The owner who may or may not live on the property has reportedly paid over $25k in fines but despite that has seemingly no intention of changing them back. No one knows if it is an art project or some sort of message, but either way, you can check it out yourself.  Look for the crumbling Victorian house with high grass, broken fences and mirrored windows.



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