Want success?  Shift your attitude.  

Three reasons your big plans might fail (a quick riff before vacation)

One: Those goals? Too big. Too bold. Too unlikely. You’re relying on luck, hoping for a miracle. Time to reset expectations. Aim lower or try something new.

Two: Your vision is sound but the timeline’s off. More grit, more patience – that’s the ticket. A few lucky breaks wouldn’t hurt either. Persist.

Three: You’re missing key allies. Momentum builds when you gather your tribe. Who’s going to spread the word, back you up, and move your mission?

Four: The competition’s fierce. If your different is indistinguishable, why should anyone care? Give people a compelling reason to choose you.

But if none of those fit, here’s the hard truth: You’ve got growing to do. Working harder isn’t enough. You need new skills. Creative strategies. And emotional toughness for the long haul from A to B.   I’m still working on it.  I’ve failed in the past for reasons one, two, three, and five.

What I’ve learned is if you want success?  Shift your attitude.

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