A Sad Tale of a Wild Bunny

We have had a frequent wild bunny visitor all summer long on our property, triggering many a Ring notification. This little guy has hopped around our yard, nibbling on grass, enjoying our banana pepper plants and bringing a smile to our faces. Sadly, this past Saturday night his story took a tragic turn.

I arrived home late to find the bunny writhing in pain in our driveway. It was dark, so I likely scared off a predator that had already begun an attack. My heart sank seeing the bunny suffering. My initial thought was to end its misery quickly, but I could not bring myself to do that really. Instead, I gently wrapped the bunny in a blanket and made it a soft bed in a box, away from any further harm in our little house. I left some quiet music playing to comfort it through the night, though I worried it would not make it to morning.

To my surprise, the bunny did live through the night, but its mobility was clearly impaired. My kids helped make it comfortable, cheering on each small sign of life. We contacted a wildlife rescue, but they gave the heartbreaking news that the bunny was too far gone and could not be saved. With heavy hearts, we took the recommendation to bring it to the emergency vet in Burlington for humane euthanasia.  Not a happy ending for anyone including the Fox who just wanted to eat dinner.

Though short, we hope this bunny knew some joy in its months on our property. Its memory will stay with us, a reminder of the fragility of life and to appreciate the small moments of beauty. Rest in peace, little one. You brought happiness while you were here.

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