My Top 10 Movies for Cinephiles and Pop Culture Nerds

I write a top ten list every once in a while to help my SEO because we all need to be shameless to a degree, but also so future generations can discuss my likes. I have no idea what my great-grandfather back in Ireland had in his top ten songs. I’d wager “Pass Me Not, O Gentle Saviour” or “The Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane” was on there, but who can tell? It’s lost to time. So here’s my top ten film list right now:

  1. Blade Runner – The perfect-movie.  The devil is in the details and the sets are so detailed this movie hasn’t aged a day.
  2. Vertigo – Obsession, blondes and spiral staircases.
  3. Jackie Brown – Tarantino expertly captures the glamorous life of flight attendants and bail bondsmen.
  4. Trees Lounge – It’s like Cheers but more depressing and with way more alcoholism.
  5. Mulholland Drive – A surreal dive into Hollywood’s dark underbelly. Remember, dreams (and random plot elements) don’t have to make sense.
  6. Eyes Wide Shut – How Kubrick got the world’s most famous couple to film for 15 months a story about their self-destruction.  I think my great-grandfather would not have enjoy
  7. It’s a Wonderful Life – An annual reminder that your life has meaning, courtesy of an angel named Clarence. Also, Pottersville looks way fun every year.
  8. No Country for Old Men – Cattle guns and crazy haircuts. Anton Chigurh will haunt your dreams.
  9. Citizen Kane – The quintessential story of a rich dude who dies alone in his fancy house. But damn, those tracking shots are spectacular.
  10. The Master – Joaquin Phoenix’s character Freddie Quell likes drinking paint thinner almost as much as starting cults apparently.

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