From Hitchcock to Peele: Mastering Tension in Cinema’s Calm Moments

I’ve written about the Muir Woods scene before (click) but I noticed it was one of my more popular posts so I made a YouTube video exploring the scene a little more in-depth and demonstrating how Hitchcock’s methods live on in modern cinema.

Explore the art of suspense in this deep dive into two iconic scenes: Hitchcock’s “Vertigo” (1958) and Jordan Peele’s “Us” (2019). Discover how these master directors use seemingly peaceful settings to heighten tension and advance their narratives.

We’ll analyze the Muir Woods sequence from “Vertigo” and the beach scene from “Us,” revealing the subtle techniques that keep audiences on edge even in moments of apparent calm. Learn how Peele pays homage to both Hitchcock and Spielberg while crafting his own unique style. Perfect for film students, aspiring directors, and cinema enthusiasts looking to understand the evolution of suspense in filmmaking.

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