Get Lost In Vermont – The Vampires of the Northeast Kingdom

The first of fifty places to visit in Vermont you won’t find in any travel guide. These are the places the locals keep to themselves and if you go you’ll soon learn why.

The Vampires of the Northeast Kingdom

Despite all the signs, most residents of Vermont will never see a moose. The ones who do likely live in the Northeast Kingdom. The kingdom’s dark lonely woods can hide many things, moose, people, and even an airplane.  So should you find yourself driving on route 114 just beyond the abandoned inn and close to the Canadian border see if you can locate the wreckage of the fallen TWA 666. Many have tried but few have succeeded in locating the twisted metal of the 50s era plane in the Green Mountain’s thick forests.

The plane full of Eastern European tourists crashed on a snowy December evening in 1958. Most notably at daybreak when rescuers found the plane, they were shocked to find no one to rescue. All 178 travelers vanished. The aircraft lay in pieces but by some miracle not only did all the passengers survive, but they wandered off never to be seen or heard from again.  

The forest may have claimed ownership of the rusted jet, but it’s there waiting for you to find it.  The woods are dark even on long summer days and be wary of youthful ninety-year-olds with sharp teeth who have made them their home.


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