Mid-Century Photography and a Building Demolition

My dad took about the same number of photos with his camera as an IG influencer takes with their iPhone. I sent off about 150 or so slides to ScanCafe, my recommended slide scanning company. They scanned a bunch of mid-century Vegas shots a few years back and I’m obsessed with them. This current bunch of randoms photos is dated from 1959 through the mid-1980s.

Most were family pictures, which I’ll spare you. Still, some include a building demo sequence from Camden, NJ, Eisenhower era oval office, 70s California and Tijuana, and a high school football game. Head over to my flickr page more.

Nothing good is happening inside this LA eatery you can be sure of that.
Refreshments at a Bishop Eustace football game.. 1959?


Couple more from the Bishop Eustace football game

Double exposure or ghost hands?


LA from 1o floors up.

The wall came to life.


Where is this?
More Tiajuana


Dad’s Cars

High School Gym Class



The Man himself.
Eisenhower’s Oval Office
A block of granite and a block of steel.


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