Dolly Parton’s Top 10 Most Charitable Contributions: From Imagination Library to Helping Dollywood’s Hometown

Dolly Parton is undoubtedly a music icon. But she is also one of the most philanthropic celebrities, contributing to various charities over decades. I’m often seeing facts about her life. Her passion for getting children into reading is without peer in the celebrity circut. While some of her donations garner headlines, many go unknown as Parton humbly gives without seeking publicity. Here are Dolly’s top 10 most charitable contributions, from her well-known Imagination Library to lesser-known aid for her hometown in East Tennessee.  Note to other celebrities and wealthy types: She still has money.

  1. Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library – Since launching in 1995, this initiative has gifted over 100 million free books to children under five to inspire a love of reading. The program now reaches over 1.5 million kids globally each month.

  2. Dollywood Foundation – Founded in 1988, this non-profit oversees major literacy programs while also providing college scholarships with nearly $20 million awarded so far.

  3. Disaster Relief Donations – Whether wildfires in the Smokies or flooding in Nashville, Parton frequently donates to relief funds after natural disasters, especially in her home state of Tennessee.

  4. Donations to Vanderbilt Medical Center – Parton has gifted several million to this Nashville hospital’s cancer center and pediatric research over the years.

  5. My People Fund – Parton set up this fund to support victims after the devastating Great Smoky Mountain wildfires of 2016 which greatly impacted Gatlinburg and the Dollywood resort.

  6. HIV/AIDS Support – In the 1980s when the AIDS crisis was at its peak, Parton spoke out through hosting early dance-a-thon fundraisers for HIV medication research.

  7. Donations to Black Communities – Parton has quietly supported Black churches and organizations, like donating to rebuild a church burned by the KKK and establishing the National Museum of African American Music.

  8. Animal Welfare Efforts – Parton has supported animal rescue programs for owls, eagles, and other wildlife affected by natural disasters.

  9. Local Pandemic Business Aid – During COVID-19, Parton gifted $1 million to Vanderbilt’s vaccine research but also supported hometown businesses struggling due to the pandemic.

  10. “Coat of Many Colors” Program – Inspired by her song, Parton’s foundation gifted over 200,000 winter coats from 2016-2018 to children in need through her Imagination Library.

Though best known for her music, Dolly Parton frequently gives back to causes she cares about, often anonymously. She once said, “I just try to put my money where my heart is.” And her heart is surely generous.

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