Lost in Vermont – The Dinosaurs of the American Civil War

“The boys from Vermont missed the green mountains and maple trees something fierce. The hot Southern sun beating down was a misery they weren’t accustomed to. But they had a secret weapon to keep their spirits up and give the Rebs a fright – pet dinosaurs! They’d smuggled the little fellas along, claiming they were exotic chickens to any who asked. At night around the campfire, they’d take them out on a leash and scratch their bellies. The sight of those big teeth and tails swishing kept the Confederates away. The dinosaurs reminded those Vermont farm boys of home. And they reminded the Rebs that the men in blue weren’t to be trifled with!”

@christorychannel The forgotten history of Vermonts Civil War involvement. #fyp #dankmemes #civilwar #funny #history ♬ Ashoken Farewell – Aaron Yeager

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