Discover the Beauty and Charm of Lake Carmi State Park in Vermont


We camped at Lake Carmi last weekend, which is a Vermont State park.   You may not be familiar with the park and the lake so I’m going to lead off with 10 facts about it.

-Lake Carmi is the fourth largest natural lake located entirely in Vermont at 285 acres.

– The lake was created from melting glaciers thousands of years ago during the last ice age.

-Lake Carmi reaches depths of up to 20 feet, making it a popular spot for fishing, boating, and swimming.

-The lake is home to a variety of fish species including largemouth bass, northern pike, bullhead, perch, and crappie.

-Ospreys, bald eagles, ducks, geese, and other waterfowl can be seen around the lake.

-Lake Carmi State Park features a campground, day-use area with picnic tables, hiking trails, and over 3 miles of shoreline.

-Legend says Lake Carmi was named after a girl who drowned in the lake in the mid-1800s.

-Ice fishing on the frozen lake is popular during the winter months.

-The area around Lake Carmi was originally inhabited by the Abenaki Native Americans.

-Sunset kayak tours on Lake Carmi provide a peaceful way to end the day and take in the natural scenery.


Cabin Review

We stayed in one of the two cozy cabins at the Lake Carmi State Park campground. The cabin provided a nice break from tent camping during some rainy nights on our trip. It was just steps away from the shoreline, providing easy access for swimming, fishing, and kayaking on the lake.

The cabin had electricity and lighting, which was a welcome amenity.  The cabin’s location tucked into the trees allowed us to enjoy sounds of nature like the evening owls and morning duck visitors.

The cabin’s close proximity to the beach was excellent, though the beach area was on the smaller side, likely due to the high water levels during our stay. We had plenty of space, however, for sunbathing, swimming, and launching our kayaks.  Three is another area at the park with a bigger beach and more space for camping but I didn’t explore that area.  Lake Karmi does have a day use beach.

Overall, the cabin provided a convenient home base with some nice features to enjoy while exploring the natural beauty of Lake Carmi. It  I’d recommend the cabins to anyone like me looking for an alternative to standard tent camping.

The small town of Enosburg is located just a short drive from Lake Carmi and makes for a fun side trip. We enjoyed visiting Kathy’s Tavern which has a very family-friendly vibe that our kids loved. We also loved stopping by the unique Flying Disc coffee shop downtown. Beyond their great selection of affordable coffee and food, they also sell an eclectic mix of records, movies, music supplies, and a million other things you wouldn’t expect. It’s one of the coolest coffee shops I’ve been to in Vermont. Enosburg makes for a nice change of pace from the outdoor adventures at Lake Carmi, with its quaint downtown and locally-owned shops and eateries. It’s a charming Vermont town we’d recommend taking the time to explore and they don’t seem to care when a family who may not have changed clothes in three days stops in.

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