My New Tiktok Video Tells the Mysterious Story of a Plane Crash Where Everyone Survived and Disappeared


I’m excited to share my latest Tiktok video that recounts a fascinating unsolved mystery. A few years ago I wrote a story about a plane that crashed in remote wilderness, but when rescuers arrived, they found no survivors or bodies – everyone had simply vanished. It’s an eerie tale that has stuck with me, so I decided to adapt it into a short video for Tiktok.

This spine-tingling tale has really captured people’s imaginations over the years. I had a lot of fun dramatizing and retelling it in a short, engaging video for Tiktok. Let me know if you have any other creepy stories that would work well for a follow-up video! I love puzzling over and discussing these inexplicable occurrences. You can find me on Tiktok @christorychannel to see more eerie tales brought to life.

@christorychannel Old Movies are the secret weapon against insomnia. These fhosts of the golden age of Hollywood visit your dreams #movies #movie #film #cinema #films #actor #hollywood #filmclips #fyp #filmtok ♬ original sound – Chris

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