As The Editor, I’m Asking You To Support An Awesome Karaoke Mockumentary

As a film editor, I get excited when I come across unique and compelling projects. That’s exactly how I felt when I joined the team behind “Karaoke Support Group” – a mockumentary following six people trying to overcome their fear of singing karaoke.

From the hilarious group exercises to the genuine bonding between these comedians, it’s been fun cutting together footage for this film. The characters really come to life on camera thanks to the talented cast. It’s improv after all, so we’re not working with a script.

We’re already deep into post-production, but need a funding boost to take things to the next level. The story resonates with me because we all have something holding us back from doing what we love. This fearless group shows the power of community in facing those fears with humor and heart.

As the editor, I’ve gotten to know their journey intimately. Now I can’t wait to watch their triumphant finale performance in front of a crowd! But we need your help to get there.

Please check out our Kickstarter page to learn more and back this uplifting film.  There are also lots of cool rewards like karaoke playlists, a digital screener, and singing opportunities!

I know this little mockumentary will inspire people to courageously share their voices too. Help us take it to the finish line by supporting our Karaoke Support Group film on Kickstarter today!

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