Vermont’s Naked Summer – The TikTok

Remember Vermont’s wild naked summer of 1937? I’m back with more details about the nudist craze that swept the state. Learn where it started, and how far it spread, and see rare photos of Vermonters living life in the buff. This odd fad ended as quickly as it began, but left behind unique artifacts. A hilarious slice of Vermont history!

I’ll share more about my TikTok strategy and why it’s my preferred place to post videos.

@christorychannel The summer of 1937 in Vermont was a scorcher! With temperatures over 100 degrees, folks took to going au naturel to beat the heat. #hotsummer #nakedheatwave #historicalfiction #1969 #vermonthistory #dankmemes #fyp #bermont ♬ Fairytale Melody – Piano Peace

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