Wedding Photographer Goes Back in time to Shoot First Thanksgiving

Thanks to Time Travel, Wedding Photographer Taylor Franklincakes went back to the first Thanksgiving and captured some amazing artifacts of history using her camera.

Unfortunately, she was later burned as a witch after saying “Can I pet that dawg” while chasing a pig.

Her camera and some of its contents were preserved. What we do have are her notes.

This first photo includes the Wampanoag and The Pilgrims doing what looks to be a gender reveal. The outcome was either a girl or a bountiful harvest.

Next, this pilgrim tries to convince his new friends the best way to cook a turkey is to fry it.

Wampanoag men gather the food while pilgrim men look on waiting for the right moment to lend a hand.

At the table of the first Thanksgiving, an argument breaks out about immigration. White men who just immigrated argue for open borders.

This pilgrim reminded me of my friend Mackenzie who got married last summer in Sag Harbor. I had her pose like a bride with the Wampanoag like her bridesmaids.

Me posing in front of a ceremonial burning site. Unsure what this is. Perhaps they clean by burning. Side, note, A woman called me witchah. I think that means I’m special.


@christorychannel Travel back to the first thanksgiving and never before scene before photos. #thanksgiving #dankmemes #fyp #photography #timetravel ♬ Before You Wake Up – Sundarsono

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