Crushing My 2024 Goals: A Driven Game Plan with Musts, Shoulds & Accountability Tactics to Level Up


Now that 2023 is buried.  I’m taking on this year with a vengeance.  Physically, I’m pretty much where I was at 28 which was twenty years ago other than my eyesight which hit a cliff in the last few years.  In many respects, I’m better and want to use that as a catalyst for the other aspects of my life.

I’m listing things that I need to make happen in 2024 and will remind myself to revisit next December.  Much of this will sound like gibberish I’m sure

Must Achieve:

  • Self-publish an updated version of Gross Potions
  • Create an audiobook version of Gross Potions
  • Publish A Little Too Dark, pending the January 16th meeting
  • Complete final draft of Monsters Never Sleep
  • Begin scaling back wedding business – already halfway there
  • Develop SlumberTown – make 25-30 videos for sleep assistance
  • Grow Midcenturee – 1,000+ Facebook likes, 500 site hits per month, generate income
  • Write and direct a short film
  • Take exercise and physical fitness more seriously, specifically bodybuilding
  • Establish a regular exercise routine to complement gym workouts
  • Secure a steady income source for peace of mind
  • Regular workouts and dates with
  • Address my A.D.D
  • Meditate 4+ Days a week
  • Take on 2 clients for consulting business

Should Accomplish:

  • Eliminate debt
  • Personal Challenge – Develop App for Iphone and blog the development
  • Begin work on accessory dwelling unit
  • Expand TikTok following to 10k
  • Write Gross Potions 2
  • Work on the Vermont Extended Universe book
  • Develop funny children’s book concept

Leave behind

  • Negative self-talk
  • ADD
  • Undisciplined eating.

How can I Ensure Success?

Create Accountability

Share your goals list with a friend, partner or “accountability buddy” and check-in regularly on progress. Having someone to answer to can motivate follow-through.  Right now I’m using this blog.   If you’d like to partner up as an accountability buddy

Use Tracking Apps

You can use an app like Way of Life or Strides to monitor habits and tasks related to your goals each day/week. Seeing visual progress is powerful. I’m trying out Streaks on iphone

Set Reminders

Put repeating reminders in your calendar for goal-related tasks.

For example, “work on book outline” every Friday. Audit notifications keep goals top of mind.  I’m going to try to do this in-app

Create a Vision Board

One way to keep your focus is to print/post images and quotes related to your 2024 goals somewhere visible. Referring to it reinforces your aim and desired outcomes.  I’ve never done this and hope it’s not too late.

Schedule Reviews

Mark your calendar quarterly or biannually to thoroughly review goal progress. Identify new action steps.  I’ll update April 1st and see how quarterly works for me.

Implement Mini-Rewards

Identify small rewards for goal progress milestones. A sense of accomplishment and positive reinforcement fuels motivation.

Get a Goal Buddy

Recruit someone close who can check on your progress and cheer you on. Verbalizing your ambitions boosts commitment.  I’m going to need a bunch of these from writing to the gym, but I lacked them last year.

I welcome anyone interested to join me as an accountability partner to boost motivation and discipline as I work to complete these 2024 targets. Please reach out if you’d like to exchange regular check-ins, goal progress reports, advice, or encouragement as we improve together! Let’s have our most driven year yet.

Let’s go.


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