Ending 2023 on a Positive

The year of the lord 2023 personally would fall in the bottom five of worst in my 48 years around the globe.  I’m actively planning on 2024 ending the 1 year losing street.  Even so 2023 had hundreds if not thousands of amazing moments.

In the last week, we spent some time in New Jersey and in an Airbnb in the Poconos.

Deer with Hat at the Airbnb

We spent the Friday before New Year at Blue Mountain Resort.  Despite the warm temps, they had Snow Tubing and Skiing.  We skipped the skiing because tubing at Blue Mountain in Pennsylvania is a blast, with awesome lanes and amazing views.   The lines were somewhat long but in the two-hour window we had at least 4-5 runs with time to get a hot dog or hot chocolate inside.   The ride is fun and the kids working there are helpful.  I’m pretty sure the whole mountain is run by teenagers.  I didn’t see anyone working older than 20. 

About 30 minutes from Blue Moutain is Jim Thorpe, a charming town with its historic charm and scenic beauty.  It was extremely crowded.  Parking was nearly impossible.  I ended up finding a neighborhood at the top of the hill and hiking down.  That said, strolling through the quaint streets of Jim Thorpe feels like stepping back in time, with well-preserved 19th-century architecture and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. The town is named after the legendary athlete Jim Thorpe, not many towns in this country are named for athletes I’d guess.   Also, because it was between Christmas and NYE there was still a Christmas mood and the train was still doing the Polar Express.

Meeko the Corgi Hanging out in Jim Thrope
Meeko exploring the shops in Jim Thorpe

Jim Thrope from up above

Yellow House on the Hill in Jim Thorpe
House on the Hill in Jim Thorpe

From the Giant Parking lot.


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