Unlock AI: A Beginner’s Guide to Practical AI for Everyday Life

 In my new class, Practical AI for Everyday Life, I’ll pull back the curtain on how AI tools help enhance productivity, creativity, and more in my personal and professional worlds.  My idea is to make it less scary for those who never use it and may even be afraid of it.

We’ll explore leading AI sites hands-on, like Midjourney for generating images, ChaptGPT for planning, and Claude for conversation. You’ll learn how to format prompts to get great results as a beginner user. Through real examples of AI-generated content I rely on daily, you’ll discover how to unlock AI’s potential as an everyday creative partner, productivity booster for tasks like scheduling, and idea generator when you feel stuck.

The goal is to demystify AI through plain explanations and fun activities – no math degree is required! Just bring your curiosity and get ready to be amazed at what AI can do for you beyond complex algorithms.

Practical AI to Enhance My Everyday Life

In this class, I want to share how I also use more accessible AI tools to improve my personal everyday activities.

Through real examples and hands-on activities, you’ll learn how AI can:

  • Help craft more persuasive emails and texts
  • Generate color palettes and design ideas
  • Curate personalized music playlists to match my mood
  • Organize my digital photo collections
  • Prioritize my to-do lists and calendar
  • Discover new recipes I may enjoy
  • Provide writing inspiration when I feel stuck

The goal is to show AI’s potential in areas you may not expect – far beyond content creation. We’ll explore leading AI sites first-hand, with tips for formatting prompts to get great results as a beginner user.

Join me in unlocking AI as an everyday productivity booster and creative idea generator without needing a math degree. I’ll share my own stories of how AI helps enhance both my professional and personal life.

Hope you can join me on this eye-opening introduction to user-friendly AI!

.We’ll meet on Monday evening March 18th from 6:30-8:30pm.

Registration is open now on the CVU website under Adult Community Education courses. The price for the 1-week practical AI exploration is $25 per person.

Space is limited to allow for individualized attention, so I encourage you to enroll early if you’re interested. Students of all experience levels are welcome, but some familiarity with online accounts and basic computer programs is recommended to get the most out of demos.

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