The Digital Nomad’s Guide to Working Remotely in Burlington, VT

One of the perks of being a Freelancer or a Work from Homer is you don’t really need to work from home. If you’re visiting or traveling through Burlington, Vermont, this charming small city on Lake Champlain has plenty of great spots to park yourself and get some remote work done.  Here are a few…

Thriving in Unique Landscapes: A Guide for Small Businesses in Burlington, Vermont

The fallacy of Burlington’s population density lies in the misguided belief that it can replicate the business dynamics of more densely populated areas. The reality is that Burlington’s population density, while lower than that of comparable cities in New Jersey and Massachusetts, offers its unique set of opportunities and challenges.

Get Lost in Vermont – The Treasure of Main Street

“Ahoy there, mateys! Do ye know the tale of the Treasure of Main Street? It be a story of adventure and intrigue, of pirates and potholes, of love and loss. Join me as I set sail on the high seas of imagination and uncover the mystery of the Black Snake’s lost treasure.”