Get Lost in Vermont – The Treasure of Main Street

The third of fifty possibly fictional places to visit in Vermont you won’t find in any travel guide. These are the places the locals keep to themselves and if you go, you’ll soon learn why.

The Treasure of Main Street

Commuters and residents who drive through Burlington Vermont are all too familiar with the constant road construction and colossal potholes. Who they don’t know is the ruthless pirate, Winslow Taunton. He was a rather successful pirate who came to Vermont on a ship called the Black Snake in late in the 18th century; long before Burlington was even founded.

What does a ruthless pirate have to do the city’s closed streets and road work?  Maybe you’re seeing where this is headed. Taunton buried a chest filled with doubloons and gems on a leafy hill overlooking Lake Champlain and died before he was able to reclaim his treasure. In the years since a city rose above the chest.

The width and depth of the Burlington’s potholes could only be created by treasure hunters with shovels and a passion for digging. And are the construction workers closing roads for months to fix them or are they really modern day raiders seeking to reclaim Taunton’s gold worth $100MM today? If you’d like to join the search party it’s best to hang at the darkest bars and find the shady characters who imbibed on too much room.

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