Get Lost in Vermont – The Green Hole

The fourth of fifty possibly fictional places to visit in Vermont you won’t find in any travel guide. These are the places the locals keep to themselves and if you go, you’ll soon learn why.

The Green Hole

Lovely watering holes dot the state of Vermont. Many have found popularity due to Instagram, with out-of-state tourists populating the once secluded summer spots to relax, refresh and unfortunately litter. There are plenty others locals won’t share for the threat of reprisal and one they won’t share out of fear.

In the Green Mountain Forest near the Massachesit border, there’s the Green Hole.  A watering hole that is neither relaxing nor refreshing. To find it you’d need to hike several hours of thick woodland.  In 1972 a young boy named Gabe Neuman found it while hiking on a hot July day. His friends described the Green Hole as an almost perfectly round pond with a dark green tinge with an unblemished surface.  

Gabe, the bravest of the three boys, dove into the opaque water hoping to cool off.  He went under the surface and disappeared immediately. When the boys went to find help, they could not find either Gabe nor the Green Hole.  Adding to the mystery, when Gabe’s body was found three days later, he was on the banks of the Berkel river in Holland.

Eight years later, two UVM professors who were advanced scuba divers investigated the Green Hole. Together they dove into the small pond and together they disappeared, but only for a short while. One professor’s body was discovered on a beach in Thailand still decked out in his diving gear. His colleague was found by fishermen in the Mamoré River in Bolivia twenty days after they entered the Green Hole.

Today the Green Hole serves only a curiosity.  The few visitors who find it drop sink personal items to see what area of the world they’ll travel too.  The quick answer is everywhere. Items have been found in every continent and in every ocean. If you go and get lucky enough to find the Green Hole make sure you include your email in a waterproofed note   

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