Driving with Whales and Zeppelins

Driving with Whales and Zeppelins Boring.  That was how eight-year-old Louis Butler describes visiting Grandpa Charlie’s cottage on the isle of Jersey. The man did not have Nintendo or Cable TV. His telly was an old piece of furniture with plants and books atop it. Visits always consisted of sitting around drinking tea in the…

The Snake, the Mobster and the GSP

Room 1304 at City Central should hold at two patients, especially during a pandemic, but today there was but one; Victor Dominico, a seventy-five-year-old career mobster. Vic the Brick, as he was called because his fists felt like bricks when they hit something usually a jaw was just two days ago sitting in jail with a hacking cough and a fever. Doctors say in two days he’ll be six feet under, but right now, he’s cranky. He can barely breathe, and he’s being guarded by a police officer suited up in a hazmat suit.