New Venture – Ready Steady! Marketing, Events & Coaching

A New Marketing and Events Firm for Good People We are excited to announce the launch of Ready Steady, a new marketing and events firm based in Vermont. Ready Steady was founded by Chris Rodgers and Candice Bryan Broe, two experienced professionals who are passionate about helping businesses and non-profits thrive. Ready Steady specializes in…

Get Lost in Vermont – Vermont General Store Portal

Pay attention to what happens next. Despite being on the brink of closing, the stores seldom do; someone or something almost always saves the day. 

It got me to wondering. What’s so important with these old dusty stores that they can never close? I investigated

Things to do in Shelburne Vermont – Part 1

When we decided to move to Vermont four years ago, we just knew Burlington. We traveled for years to the city by the lake to partake in the food, beer and the quirkiness that I think our lives needed more of.  Once we had kids we saw it as a mecca for families but when…

Get Lost in Vermont : The Man Cave on Humpback Whale Street

The tenth of fifty fictional places to visit in Vermont you won’t find in any travel guide, because even the locals don’t know they don’t exist. Get Lost in Vermont: The Man Cave on Humpback Whale Street Soon after outing the Shelburne Tunnel in my previous Get Lost, Ed the gentleman who revealed its location…

Get Lost in Vermont – The Shelburne Tunnel

While working on a new development site in Vermont, Ed stumbled upon a hidden tunnel that had been built by the wealthy Webb family in the 1930s or 1940s. Despite rumors of its existence, the Shelburne Tunnel remains a mysterious and enigmatic place, its secrets carefully guarded and hidden from the world.

Three Years in Shelburne

Three years ago this weekend, we moved from the beaches of Delaware to the hills of Vermont.  There hasn’t been a moment of regret for me despite the long winters.  The mild summer makes all the effort worth it, plus we’ve added in some winter sports to our activities list.  I created a video of…

Get Lost in Vermont – Vermont’s Naked Summer of 1937

Vermont’s Naked Summer of 1937 Are you ready for a wild and unexpected journey through Vermont’s history? Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to be transported back to the summer of 1937, where temperatures soared, rainfall was scarce, and clothing was optional. That’s right, you heard me correctly, Vermont’s Summer of 1937 was the year…

Get Lost in Vermont – Tsar Island

The seventh of fifty possibly fictional places to visit in Vermont you won’t find in any travel guide. These are the places the locals keep to themselves, and if you go, you’ll soon learn why. Tsar Island I was researching some of Lake Champlain’s smaller islands when I discovered the peculiar history of Potato Island….