Behind Blue Eyes

I was searching for my Tax ID number in my email when a found an old copy of the script I sent to myself for back up. I almost forgot I wrote it.

I wrote this not long after the Bush v. Gore election. The premise was simple, what if a blue-eye golden boy from California abandoned his sure-fire presidential campaign only weeks before the election

I titled the script after The Who’s Behind Blue Eyes because the lyrics are damn near perfect for a politician who needs to sell his soul to win over a nation.

Behind Blue Eyes

No one knows what it’s like
To be the bad man
To be the sad man
Behind blue eyes

No one knows what it’s like
To be hated
To be fated
To telling only lies

But my dreams
They aren’t as empty
As my conscience seems to be

Songwriter: Pete Townshend

I’d take a completely different take on the story now. I still think it would be fun character-driven film to produce in a 90s pre-internet era. You can download the PDF below.

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