Grigori Rasputin’s secret life as a music fanatic. LOL

He was a controversial figure in Czarist Russia, but few know of Grigori Rasputin’s secret life as a music fanatic. Rasputin wasn’t just whispering into the ears of royalty – he was rocking out with the common folk! Recently unearthed photos reveal Rasputin getting down with the crowd at 1950’s Bandstand. Witnesses claim to have spotted him at Woodstock in ’69. And just last year, the immortal one was seen attending a Taylor Swift concert, singing along to every word. I guess when you’re an eternal supernatural being, you’ve got plenty of time to spend centuries following trends in music. Rasputin may have influenced the royal family in his day, but today, he’s influencing followers on TikTok with his in-depth analyses of modern pop.  Oh, and sometimes he goes by the name Oliver Tree when trying to lay low.


@christorychannel Part 2. Rasputin lives as ticketmasters biggest customer #fyp #dankmemes #funny #behindthemusic ♬ The Poet Acts – Philip Glass

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