Get Lost in Vermont – Vermont General Store Portal

Pay attention to what happens next. Despite being on the brink of closing, the stores seldom do; someone or something almost always saves the day. 

It got me to wondering. What’s so important with these old dusty stores that they can never close? I investigated

The Fourteenth Ghost – Short Story

Good evening fellow traveler. What brings you to the Inn at Ithaca Hills? Did the fox send you my way? He presumes I have nothing better to do. Well, my friend, you look tired. Have a seat by the hearth, but before you do, grab a log from the pile and feed the fire. Walk…

Remi – A short story about Paris and stolen dreams

Eighteen-year-old Kansas boy, Clark Bisbee, visits France for the first time. He wanders the streets, looking for something he cannot find. Not alone anyway. Clark saved all the money he made cleaning and helping Mom and Dad. He had ten years to make the trip happen, but now three days into his journey he’s running…

10 Things to Stream in April on Netflix / Amazon

Stay home.  Flatten the curve and watch these underrated/ under-appreciated gems for subscribers to Netflix and Amazon.  There’s an argument to be made that Amazon Prime and Netflix are all you really need to get through a pandemic. ZERO ZERO ZERO  – This my favorite find of the spring.  Amazon’s answer to Narcos is better…

The Snake, the Mobster and the GSP

Room 1304 at City Central should hold at two patients, especially during a pandemic, but today there was but one; Victor Dominico, a seventy-five-year-old career mobster. Vic the Brick, as he was called because his fists felt like bricks when they hit something usually a jaw was just two days ago sitting in jail with a hacking cough and a fever. Doctors say in two days he’ll be six feet under, but right now, he’s cranky. He can barely breathe, and he’s being guarded by a police officer suited up in a hazmat suit.

Things to do in Shelburne Vermont – Part 1

When we decided to move to Vermont four years ago, we just knew Burlington. We traveled for years to the city by the lake to partake in the food, beer and the quirkiness that I think our lives needed more of.  Once we had kids we saw it as a mecca for families but when…

Dee Dee McGee and Her Musical Knee

Have a little scab-picker living under your roof?  Here’s some bad poetry that may not stop your kid from picking scabs, but will let them know you’re paying attention.  Dee Dee McGee and Her Musical Knee Dee Dee McGee Skinned Her knee,      While Climbing up a sycamore tree. She didn’t shout or little…

7 Things you can do to Beat Decision Fatigue

Researchers estimate we make nearly 35,000 decisions in the course of the day.  Of course, nearly all of them are subconscious and seemingly care little weight and few consequences.